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Your Hair Is Your Best Accessory

And it deserves some jewelry, too. On days when you don't want to bother, you can look like you put a ton of thought and effort into your hairdo--elevate a ponytail or simple chignon with a fused glass hair clip. Whether throwing your bangs back to keep them out of your eyes while chasing after kids, or accessorizing a formal updo, a handcrafted piece of art is the perfect way to do it.

Each hair clip is made of glass fused in my studio combined with wire, hammered metal or beads. The hair clips themselves are the french style, ensuring maximum hold, and each is soldered to the glass for durability. There are three sizes: the small clips are ideal for bangs, or pulling back sections of hair. The medium is perfect for shorter, or fine hair, and the large clips are perfect for those blessed with thick or long hair.  As with all of the jewelry, each piece has been polished and waxed for durability. Please note that every monitor will portray the color of the glass differently. Free Shipping within the Continental US.

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