I took up Kumihimo last winter during the cold spell.  I started with bead crochet but found it very hard on my hands.  I am an artist and the hands are valuable tools that have to be protected. Kumihimo is easy on the hands and fun. It is a easy skill to learn but a hard skill to master.  There are many very good websites to get you started  with a round braid, with or without beads. Prumihimo is an excellent site.  It has the fundamentals and free pattern designs.  After a year of Kumihimo, I would suggest createing a round, flat, and half round piece. Get familiar with the the thickness of each form.  Prumihimo has patterns that incorporate rattail and c-lon cording together.  The beads go on the cording and the rattail adds some bulk to your piece. 

      Adding your findings is a challenge in Kumihimo.  You have  8 strands of cording to do something with.  Prumihimo shows you how to braid the findings into the piece.  If you do not braid them in then your next step is to glue on a finding.  What a Knit has wonderful magnetic findings, that are a breeze to glue.  It took me months to find the right glues.  I use weldbond  glue and let that set over night.  The weldbond glues the strands together in a bundle but will not hold on the finding.  I pull the bundle out of the finding and put a dab on 2 part epoxy on the end of the bundle.  This seems like a lot of steps but it does hold the finding in place.  Happy Kumihimoing!!!!!


How to Make Foiled Stained Glass Jewelry

I having been making stained glass jewelry for over 20 years. Over the years, I have added new glass techniques but still use the basic foil method.  The secret to a quality finish is grinding the pieces and using 5/32 inch foil.  If your glass is 1/8 inch this foil will work, if it is thicker you will have to go with a thicker foil.  I tin the front and back of the piece, then holding the piece parallel to the table make a rounded bead on the edge.  You can attach o rings and head pins into the rounded edge.  I use Helping Hands, which is a base with alligator clips attached to it.  I couldn't make jewelry without the Helping Hands.  Hope this helps!!!

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Kumihimo half round braid with findings braided into piece

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